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New Roof – How Much Will It Cost?

At Liberty Roofing of Utah, we know that a new roof replacement is a big investment that requires proper planning. In order to plan correctly you need to understand what influences the new roof cost factors.

In the state of Utah, the cost of a new roof typically ranges from $7,000 to $14,000. The margin in between depends on a number of factors.

New Roof Cost Factors

  1. Size of Roof

    It should go without saying that that the size of your home’s roof will be the main factor for which your estimate will be based on. Of course, the larger the roof, the more materials, and more time it will take to install it. Keep in mind that most roofing is priced by the square foot. Therefore, the amount of surface area of your roof will be the most important factor when pricing a new roof.

  2. Roofing Type

    The quality of different roofing types and brands is not equal. Likewise, roofing material cost varies on the types and brand you choose. Roofing that is visually more appealing, and which is made with higher quality, will almost always be more expensive.

  3. Roof Pitch

    The pitch of your roof, or steepness, will also be a factor in the cost of a new roof. Generally, the pitch of the roof determines how difficult it will be to install your new roof. When working on a roof with a steeper slope, more safety precautions must be made. Additionally, steeper roofs require more time to move and place materials.

  4. Roof Installation Process

    Different types of roofing require different types of installation methods. If the type of roof you choose requires a more labor intensive installation process, obviously, this will contribute to the new roof cost.


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