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With over 40 years in business, Liberty Roofing of Utah is the premier commercial roofing contractor in the Utah Valley. We take commercial roofing in Sandy and Provo very seriously. We understand that a leaky roof is not only an inconvenience that could detract potential customers from your business, it could also be potentially dangerous. You don’t want to deal with the litigation that would follow someone slipping on your floors after a leak. Take care of your roof repairs quickly by calling the skilled roof contractors at Liberty Roofing. We can also take care of roof replacements, inspections, flat roofing, and a number of other important services. When it comes to commercial roofing, our roofers do the job the right way every single time.

No commercial roof project is too large or too small. We are single ply experts! Single ply systems are good for flat roofs, withstand ponding, are lightweight and are suited for new or re-roofing projects. In many cases, single-ply roof systems are competitive with built-up systems and can be a variety of colors, including white- popular for its reflectivity.

Liberty Roofing has extensive experience with all types of commercial roofing systems for a broad spectrum of end-users, including:

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At Liberty Roofing of Utah, we have the experience and know how to diagnose and fix almost any commercial roofing problem at reasonable cost. Liberty Roofing is the top commercial roofing contractor and offers the best in commercial roofing services covering a wide range of applications and products. We have built a successful reputation through our proven expertise, hard work ethic, superior workmanship, and dedication to customer service.

Utah Commercial Roofing FAQ

Since we offer quality commercial roofing in Utah County, if your roof is in good shape we may be able to install a new roof without a tear-off. A tear-off may be necessary if your building has two roofs because according to the law commercial buildings are only allowed two roofing layers. If your roof is unsafe your existing roof will require stripping for a new roof.

Yes, we offer commercial roof inspection and assessment to find damage including mold or leaks. We can then determine if your roof is unstable and requires replacing.

The cost of a commercial roof  is dependent on several factors including:

• Size
• Condition
• Choice of installation
• Choice of membrane
• Roof access
• Type of Warranty
• Roof penetrations
• Choice of insulation

This is dependent on factors including roof type and weather conditions.

The average life is:

• 30 to 50 years: Spray polyurethane foam
• 30 to 45 years: Metal
• 20 to 25 years: Single-ply membrane EPDM
• 15 to 20 years: Single-ply membrane TPO
• 10 to 15 years: Built-up

This depends on many variables including the size and type of roof, weather, existing damage, permits and inspection. Commercial roofing in Utah can take a few days or several weeks. We will provide you with a survey report with a proposed timeline.

Our experts work with you to ensure you receive the best commercial roofing system according to the needs of your facility, energy costs and climate.

We offer many options including:

• Single-ply membrane: EPDM
• Single-ply membrane: TPO
• Sustainable (solar, green)
• Spray polyurethane foam
• Sheet metal
• Built-up (asphalt, tar, modified bitumen)

The most important consideration for commercial roof repair in Utah County is protecting everything inside of your building first. You may need to move some of your furniture or cover your equipment to help provide protection from water damage. Once you have made certain everything inside of your building is protected, the area with the leak needs to be marked so a professional can inspect it later.

Then call Liberty Roofing Utah and schedule an emergency appointment for commercial roof repair.

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