Don B.

I needed my roof replaced and had several bids come in. When I first met Dave as he came to make a bid I felt like he was trust-worthy. When I received the bid I considered it to be fair, perhaps even slanted in my favor. In comparing all the bids I received I chose to go with Liberty Roofing. It was the correct choice.He and his crew went out of their way to do a quality job. The crew was knowledgeable and hard-working. They showed up on time and didn’t waste time standing around. They tore off 3 layers of roofing, put new plywood down, and roofed my entire home in little over 2 days. Dave had me check everything over and let him know if I saw anything else that needed to be done. He was concerned about my satisfaction and not just moving on to the next job. I asked him if he could straighten out my rain gutters, which were sagging and hadn’t been draining correctly. It was immediately taken care of. I cannot say enough about the treatment I received as a person and as a customer, and I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with my new roof.One other thing, when Dave said that clean-up was included in the bid he really meant it. My property was left clean and free of any roofing materials of any kind.I would not hesitate to use Liberty Roofing again, although I don’t anticipate needing a roof for a very long time!If you need an honest bid and quality work done to your specific satisfaction I know you’ll get it through Dave at Liberty Roofing. I know this probably sounds too good to be true, but it is. I am surprised that I’m even writing a review of any kind since I very very seldom do this type of thing. However, when I make a significant investment in my home and it turns out so well I am willing to write a review and let others know.